1. Prepare, monitor, and review the state’s annual and multi-year budgets and provide assistance to Local Governments to do the same.
  2. Development, coordination, monitoring and evaluation of all state development planning.
  3. Promotion and coordination of domestic and international donor support to the state.
  4. Collection, preservation and analysis of all residents registration in line with the Kaduna State Residents Registration Law 2018.
  5. Advice and support the Government in the formulation of economic policies.
  6. Ensure the collection, preservation and analysis of all statistical data in line with the Kaduna State Bureau of Statistical System Law, 2014
  7. Provide guidelines, advice, and support to Ministries, Departments, and Agencies regarding budgeting, planning, monitoring, review, and policy implementation.
  8. Provide State guidance on Local Government planning, budgeting and economic development.

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